Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Week 3, Thing 7: Anything Technology Related

Here are my thoughts, technologically speaking:

* In the past, I have used AOL Instant Messanger, Yahoo Instant Messanger, and Skype as ways to keep in touch with friends. While I do not currently use any of these services, the familarity with them will help me immensely if I ever have the opportunity to provide online reference services!

* In my opinion, social networking sites - including Myspace, Frienster, and Facebook - are wonderful ways for persons to keep in touch with friends, make new friends, stay informed, and share ideas and opinions. I think ALL libraries should allow social networking on their OPACS. Libraries are about "Community Building" and social networking is one way for persons to build communities!

* I have not had much of an opportunity to use digital cameras and to upload photos to a computer. This is something I would like to experience more of in the future!

* Thank goodness for courses such as "23 Things" to help those of us who have "fallen behind" technologically! There is Hope!! :)

* While I prefer in-person classes to online classes, I learned a great deal about technology from the 5 online courses I took while in graduate school! I have come to love podcasts! I also really appreciate Wikis (including wikipedia).

Week 3, Thing 6: Flickr Mash-Ups and Third Party Sites!

HOW COOL! Before this exercise, I had NO idea that there were Librarian Trading Cards! What better?

Two of my favorite mash-ups are: Mosaics and Cubes. I like them because they are visually appealing, unique, and would make super cool presents. It pays to be unique!

For a graduation/end of internship present, my boss (Mindy) made me a special mash-up present. She found photographs of my co-workers and bosses, shrunk them, put them on two round sheets of paper, and inserted them into the most amazing Wicomico Public Library snowglobe! How cool! I am not sure if this truly counts as a mash-up, but it was a totally amazing use of photos!

This is off topic, but Wikipedia has been brought up several times in the past few exercises. I know it is a "controversial" site - as anyone can post to it - but I have ALWAYS found it to be a super source of information! Most of what I have found (maybe all) has proven to be true!

Week 3, Thing 5: Flickr (Part 2)

Here we are again! Amanda, Julie, and Molly in Clarion, PA! What fun! I don't take a lot of photos and I do not (currently) own a digital camera! So, please forgive me if you see this picture time and again! Good times!
I found Blogger's upload tool to be very simple to use! I liked the option to customize the page layout!
I took a bit of time to explore Google's Picasa Web Albums and Smugmug and I just LOVE Smugmug's interface! It is breathtaking!

Week 3, Thing 5: Flickr (Part 1)

Flickr Highlights
* Very cool to be able to share photos with people all over the world.
* Tagging - I was first introducted to "tagging" while using facebook. I "tagged" a picture of myself with two friends. Oh, the memories!! (What a great way to organize photos and to find what you are looking for).
* I enjoyed seeing how Libraries were using Flickr to merchandise programs, collections, and the library as a whole! What a great (and free) idea!
* It was interesting to learn that Flickr is "Now part of Yahoo." I did not know this. (I was able to sign up for a Flickr account using my yahoo email address and password. No need to remember an additional user ID and password. How convienent).
* I signed up for a Flickr account, uploaded a photo, tagged it, selected privacy settings, and described it! It was all very easy!
* Here's My Flickr Web address: http://www.flickr.com/people/mollyrice
What a cool, cool site!!

Week 2, Thing 4: Registering Blog and Tracking Progress

A few weeks ago, I registered my Blog and began keeping track of my progress!!

Week 2, Thing 3: Setting Up a Blog

Setting up my own Blog was MUCH easier than I anticipated! What a great way to share information with other people.

I have gotten a bit behind with this "23 Things" Course, but I vow to catch up in the next several weeks! I am excited that we are given 12 weeks for this 9 week course!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Week 1, Thing 2: "Habits of Lifelong Learners"

** I enjoyed learning about the "7 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Learners."**

The habits that I find easiest are:

Habit 2: "Accept Responsibility for Your Own Learning"
* I absolutely love to learn new things and I make it a habit to try to learn something new everyday. My favorite methods of learning include: ASKING QUESTIONS, reading, taking classes, discussions with friends and co-workers, and watching library science videos (I just watched the DVD Putting Customers First and I just loved it).

Habit 5: "Create Your Own Learning Toolbox:
* Some of the greatest components of my learning toolbox include: co-workers at WPL, friends from graduate school, library science books and videos, the Library Literature and Information Science Full Text database, public libraries, library websites, and the Internet.

Habit 7 1/2: "Play!"
* Most people that know me (especially Katie-J) know that I am very in touch with this Habit! I have always played and I will always play.

The Habits I find the most challenging include:

Habit 3: "View Problems as Challenges"
* I like the idea of thinking of a problem as a "learning opportunity." Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in a problem that I am unable to view it as such. This is an area that I really want to work on. It is important that we build on our strenghts and address our weaknesses/problems. There really is so much we can learn from our problems.

Habit 4: "Have Confidence in Yourself as a Competent, Effective Learner"
* Confidence is also an area that I find the most difficult. However, I am learning a great deal about the importance of it as I am currently involved in the interview process.

That's all for now!